EvoSeamPremium Seaming Tape for Insulation Boards

Sealing joints of insulation boards requires a specially formulated tape that has both a strong adhesive and is flexible enough to withstand the expansion/contraction of the insulation material that happens during extreme temperature changes. Tuck Tape® EvoSeam™ Premium Seaming Tape is the best choice for sealing seams of exterior insulation boards. This tape is made of a multi-layer UV protected polyethylene film coated with a permanent bond adhesive.

SKU# 5040260

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Key Features

  • High shear adhesive provides excellent initial tack to surfaces
  • Will adhere to all major brands of insulation boards and air barriers
  • Strong and durable holding power
  • Film is flexible and can adapt to material expansion/ contraction
  • Seals around fasteners and nails
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Prevents air infiltration
  • Excellent resistance to UV


  • Waterproof membrane used to seam joints of insulation boards
  • Recommended application on extruded polystyrene (XPS) and fiberglass mat-faced surfaces
  • Can also be applied to wood, aluminum and vinyl
  • All above surfaces have to be dry and clean in order to assure proper contact